7-8pm: Opening Film

Fill Still - Hot Water.jpg
  • Hot Water (1924, 60 m., USA, Dir: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor). Episodic look at married life and in-law problems. Adventures include a ride on a crowded trolley with a live turkey and a wild spin in a new auto with the in-laws in tow.

Silent film with live musical accompaniment, featuring Vihan Aw.

8:10-10:10pm: Experimental Films

  • Panic Attack! (2016, 3 m., USA, Dir: Eileen O’Meara). Ever gone from "did I leave the coffee on?" to "am I pregnant with a devil-baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.
  • Melodrama (2017, 1h. 50m., USA, Dir: Jason Andrew Torrance). Two friends, one girl. Lies. Melodrama is full of... melodrama. An off-beat and experimental feature film. A romantic triangle and some mysterious events play at the core of this artsy drama.
Q&A with director Jason Andrew Torrance.



7-8:30pm: 72-Hour Contest

8:30-10pm: Wilderness

  • The Mountain Carol/Adventure Safari (2017, 16 m., USA, The Mountain Carol). A pair of short films set to the music of Saranac based collective The Mountain Carol, who identify themselves as "infinite music for infinite people".

Q&A with The Mountain Carol.

Film Still - lake nowhere.jpg
  • Lake Nowhere (2014, 51 m., USA, Dir: Christopher Phelps and Maxim Van Scoy). Friends are stalked and murdered at a desolate lakeside cabin. A raucous, bloody romp that resurrects the thrill of gory midnight movies and plunges into the depths of horror.

Q&A with director Maxim Van Scoy and members of the production team of Lake Nowhere.



7-8pm: Gala Night

Film Still Coney_Island_Dreaming_Still_9.jpg
  • 72-Hour Contest Winners: TBD from previous night's contest results. (15m.)
  • Spotlight: Painting With A Piano (2017, 10 m., USA, Dir: Paul Larson)
  • Another Kind of Girl Collective Films (2015, 10m., Jordan/Syria/USA, Dir: Khaldiya Jibawi)
  • Power (2017, 10 m., USA, Dir: Nathan Winans)
  • Coney Island Dreaming (2016, 9 m., USA, Dir: Vagabond Beaumont)

8-9:30pm: Arts in Action Fellowship

Film Still - Good Funk2.jpg
  • Good Funk (2016, 1h.13m., USA, Dir: Adam Kritzer). A story featuring three generations of Afro-Caribbean immigrants whose lives intersect through various acts of kindness, the film is a testament to love and discovering family in unexpected places. Good Funk is the product of a first-of-its-kind educational training and visual literacy program that recruited young Brooklynites to learn filmmaking craft, share their stories and collaborate for pay on a feature film production.

Q&A with director Adam Kritzer.

After Party

Join filmmakers, actors and visiting guests at Retro Live, located at 14 Margaret St., Plattsburgh (next to Arnie's).




12-1:15pm: Family-Friendly Films (FREE event - bring the entire family!)

Film Still - Light_Sight_04.jpg
Film Still - the-red-balloon-ss3.jpg
  • Light Sight (2016, 8 m., Iran, Dir: Seyed M. Tabatabaei). M.E. is attracted to the light suspended from a solitary room and tries to catch it, but the room itself becomes an obstacle in his way.
  • Cradle (2016, 5 m., Iran, Dir: Zanyar Lotfi). A young girl simply wants to do her homework. When her grandpa’s snoring keeps her younger sibling from sleeping, however, things get complicated and she is obliged to get creative.
  • Thumbelina (1954, 10m., United Kingdom, Dir: Lotte Reiniger). In this classic cut-out animated version of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, visual splendor abounds in this tale of magic and fantasy.

  • The Red Balloon (1956, 35 m., France, Dir: Albert Lamorisse). A little boy is befriended by a balloon. Playing throughout Paris, the companions are eventually pursued by young ruffians. A classic film with modern themes, such as bullying and inclusion.
  • ISAB Award Winners (2017, 15m., Plattsburgh). Films made by local area middle and high school students as part of the annual, “I Stand Against Bullying” video competition on the topics of anti-bullying and positive behavior.


1:30-2:15pm: Shorts 1

Film Still - Crocuses.jpg
  • Crocuses (2016, 7 m., Canada, Dir: Wanda Nolan). On the final day of packing up her home, Rita falls into a reverie of love and regret about her late husband.
  • A Whole World for a Little World (2017, 15 m., France, Dir: Fabrice Bracq). A mother tells her baby boy a tale of princes and princesses and, in doing so, remains in memories which he will pass on to his own daughter.
  • A Desert Storm (2017, 15 m., USA, Dir: Joshua Raymond Lee). Young Miles stumbles upon a homeless Vietnam Veteran while camping in the desert and the pair share a strange connection. Returning home, the boy learns of Operation Desert Storm’s outbreak.


2:30-3:20pm: Shorts 2

  • Barkeater (2017, 17 m., USA, Dir: Colin Bannon). Shot in the Adirondack Park, a mountain man suffers a devastating loss in the woods and decides to return to civilization for one glorious night.
  • Fog (2016, 18 m., Canada, Dir: Jacinthe Dessureault). In a desperate attempt to connect with her ghostly schizophrenic father, a young woman tampers with his medication.
  • The Man Who Forgot To Breathe (2017, 15 m., Iran, Dir: Saman Hosseinuor). A sleeping man, troubled by thoughts of his failing marriage, suddenly forgets that ever-important process of taking and expelling air.

Q&A with David Bannon, producer of Barkeater.

3:30-4:20pm Shorts 3

Film Still - THE_RAVENS_short_film_2_copy.jpg
Film Still - For_Better_For_Worse-_stills_from_the_film.jpg
  • The Ravens (2016, 20 m., Australia, Dir: Jennifer Perrott). When Ruby's father returns from war, his volatility strains family efforts to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto two ravens, which become catalysts for the journey from crisis to healing.
  • For Better, For Worse (2015, 19 m., Israel, Dir: Tal Greenberg). Centering on three couples who find themselves in the same hospital on the same day, this film examines the dynamics of relationships and asks viewers, “Where is true love found?”
  • Moving Picture (2016, 11 m., Canada, Dir: James Mor). A work of art takes flight from its creator. Can he bring it back?

Q&A with director James Mor.


Film Still - Welcome to VT.jpg

4:35-5:40pm: Refugee 1

  • Welcome to Vermont: Four Stories of Resettled Identity (2015, 65 m., Vermont, Dir: Mira Niagolova). Film is an intimate portrait of communities grappling to re-frame their identities as they strive to build their lives in America.

Q&A with director Mira Niagolova.

5:50-6:30pm: Refugee 2

  • Another Kind of Girl Collective (7 Films, 35 m., Syria/Jordan/USA, Dir: Khaldiya Jibawi). The event will feature the short films by seven Syrian girls who attended a photo and video workshop by documentary filmmaker and educator Laura Doggett while in Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp.

The seven films are by:

Khalidiya (Another Kind of Girl), Walaa (The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon), Muna (Dreams Without Borders), Bushra (The Silence of Nature), Raghad (Barriers of Separation), Rafif (The Long Road), and Marah (Children)

6:30-7pm: Special Presentation

Special Guests: memoirist of Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth, author and humanitarian Le Ly Hayslip and actress Thuan Le.



7:10-9:30pm: Heaven and Earth (1993, 2h. 22m., USA, Dir: Oliver Stone)

Film Still - Heaven and Earth.jpeg

The last of Stone’s “Vietnam Trilogy” and one of his self-proclaimed favorites, this film follows the life of Le Ly Hayslip as she struggles to survive the war and beyond.




12-1pm: Documentary 1

Film Still - Left on Pearl Int.WomensDay.1971.jpg
  • Left On Pearl (2017, 55 m., USA, Dir: Susan Rivo). This fast-paced documentary focuses on a highly significant but little-known event in the women's liberation movement: the 1971 takeover of a Harvard University-owned building by hundreds of Boston area women.


1-2:30pm: Documentary 2

Film Still - Angkor Awakens.jpg
  • Angkor Awakens – An Inside Look at Cambodia (2016, 1h. 25m., Cambodia/USA, Dir: Robert H. Lieberman). Featuring interviews with journalists, historians, US officials and Cambodians both young and old, Angkor Awakens paints a moving portrait that helps viewers understand Cambodia’s past and promise for the future.

3-4pm: Arts/Experimental

Film Still - Transmission.jpg
  • Last Dance on Main (2014, 3 m., Canada, Dir: Aristofanis Soulikias). While a row of historic buildings on Montreal’s St. Laurent boulevard is being demolished by politicians and building developers, the local community resists. Film introduction by director Aristofanis Soulikias.
  • KJELL ØR THEY (2017, 14 m., USA, Dir: Julia Pello and Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality). Using an episodic structure, the film was made in conjunction with performance work and shot on location in a surgical museum, a gay strip club, and a black-box studio.
  • NUTS (2016, 5 m., USA, Dir: Theo Sena). A man wakes up and fixes a world that isn’t broken.
  • Transmission (2017, 18 m., United Kingdom, Dir: Varun Raman). Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone. This short film twists you around and gets in your belly as well as your head.
  • Tonya (almost) Saves the Earth! (2017, 18 m., Columbia, Dir: Jonathan Kitzen). An unassuming 14 year old girl is abducted by Aliens and asked to explain Hollywood films and Donald Trump or the earth will be destroyed.

4:15-6pm: Closing Film

  • Man With A Plan (1996, 1h. 29m., USA, Dir: John O'Brien). Fred Tuttle, faced with his father's impending hip operation and his failing farm, needs to make a six-digit salary with a fourth-grade education. So he runs for U.S. Representative from Vermont with a markedly bizarre campaign.

Q&A with director John O'Brien.

6-6:30pm: Closing Ceremony with Awards Presentation





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