After the 72 Hr Cell Phone Fest on Thursday, Nov. 2, make sure to stick around for the sounds of The Mountain Carol and the throwback chills of.........LAKE NOWHERE! 

The music and 80's vibe horror flick kick off at 8:30 pm.   The band's drummer and Plattsburgh DIY guru Matt Hall chatted with the film's director, Maxim Van Scoy, who hails from Glen Falls--a member, as well, of the indie rock band William Hale.


Lake Nowhere is one of the first independent horror flicks I've seen in a long time that didn't feel like torture porn or some third rate Saw ripoff. It reminded me of watching Joe Bob Briggs back in the day, but it also didn't feel like it was just pandering to the nostalgic crowd. What do you think of the current independent horror scene, and how much did it play into your approach on Lake Nowhere?


It seems to me that the horror landscape is becoming more diverse and there are a lot of really great independent horror films out there. That said, when making Lake Nowhere we didn't really think about what other filmmakers were doing. We just wanted to create something that was fun to make and fun to watch.


Speaking of the nostalgic crowd- the film definitely has throwback flavor, yet it still feels lively and relevant. Was there a conscious effort to walk that line? I could see a temptation to fall back on tried and true tropes and just turn a film into a love letter to the greats, but Lake Nowhere seems to be able to cull from the past while still forging a solid identity of its own.

We really tried to capture the look and feel of the classic films we love, while avoiding parody and overt references. To that end, we constructed a story that has a lot of twists and turns that even fans of the slasher genre may not see coming. So while the traditional elements such as a masked killer, cabin in the woods, partying teens, etc. are there, by the end of the movie the story breaks the mold a bit and goes off on its own direction.


The intro to Lake Nowhere featured trailers for some fictional films. Do you have any plans to explore and expand on those ideas in future projects?

At the beginning of Lake Nowhere we present trailers for the eco-horror film 'Harvest Man' and the Italian Giallo 'When the River Runs Red'. The script for 'Harvest Man' has been written by our producers R.S. Fitzgerald and Stephen Phelps and we are currently seeking ways to finance that movie. It's a really cool story that is modern and relevant to a lot of discussions that society is having today about where our food comes from. I hope we can share more about the film soon! We've got a really interesting take on 'When the River Runs Red' and we'd love to have the opportunity to make it a reality.



Maxim Van Scoy is from South Glens Falls, NY. He graduated from Full Sail University in 2009. With his production companies Ursidae Parade and The Ravacon Collective, he has written, directed, and produced a number of films, music videos, and television shows. He is also a member of the indie rock band William Hale.