On March 6, 1971, a detour made history.

In our age of campus activism and fights for equal rights, Left on Pearl recalls a key moment when a march by women for International Women's Day led to the takeover of a Harvard building, which was occupied for ten days.


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As stated by the film's producers, "Left on Pearl also reveals the intersection of the women’s movement with the other political struggles of the time, the antiwar, civil rights, black power, and lesbian and gay rights movements. The film highlights several intertwined stories: the need for women’s space, the demands of the predominantly African-American Riverside community (where 888 Memorial Drive was located) for affordable housing, and Harvard University’s expansion into working class Cambridge communities. A key demand of the occupiers was for Harvard to build low and moderate income housing for neighborhood residents being displaced by Harvard's rapid expansion."  

Come relive this fascinating moment with us at the Festival.