Write/Director Saman Hosseinpuor.

Write/Director Saman Hosseinpuor.

Saman Hosseinpuor is an Iranian filmmaker who exhibited two short films at the most recent Lake Champlain International Film Festival in November 2015.  One of those films, Autumn Leaves, not only opened the festival but will also be screened again at “A Night of International Film” event—happening March 4th at Plattsburgh’s Strand Theatre.  A delightful short film, Autumn Leaves follows a little girl as she makes her way to school.  We spoke with Mr. Hosseinpuor, via email, about the film and the global response to it.

LCIFF:  What filmmakers influenced you?  And Autumn Leaves specifically?
SH:  I think I have been influenced by the works of the great Alfred Hitchcock. And for Autumn Leaves, I have been influenced by Abbas Kiarostami, one of Iran's greatest directors.

LCIFF:  Your films are getting seen around the world.  What do you think about that?
SH:  I believe that, the success of a film is in showing it. I am very pleased that my films are being shown in festivals. It is enough for me that my films give a good feeling to my audience.

Kamand Amjadi, star of  Autumn Leaves .

Kamand Amjadi, star of Autumn Leaves.

LCIFF:  The young actress in the film is quite a delight.  How did you find her?
SH:  I found her (Kamand Amjadi) in a movie in which I was a camera man. She was "Sub-actress" in that film, and I thought she is a good fit for the role. She is very smart and creative too.

LCIFF:  What projects are you working on next?
SH:  My last film, Fish (2016), has recently been finished.  Now I am planning my new film, which I hope will be finished in May.

Making  Autumn Leaves .

Making Autumn Leaves.